Season 4-RAI English

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Season 4-RAI English

Post  tecnawinx90 on Mon Mar 01, 2010 7:14 pm

As I am sure that you all have heard by now (Unless, of course, you're living under a rock or somewhere without Internet access, in which case I'm not exactly sure how you're reading this....), Winx Club Season 4 premiered in RAI English in Australia today.
Personally, when I heard this, I started shrieking with excitement and disbelief at my computer. XD Strange, what almost a year of waiting for an episode to come out in your native language does to you, isn't it?

I was somewhat surprised to find a lot of miniscule differences between the Italian subs that I had previously been watching and the words spoken in RAI, but I decided that the changes were probably just so that the plotline flows better in English. Still, I'm very, very excited about this. It's finally in official English!!!

I was only able to watch the first half or so of the episode, and that in rather bad quality, but Winx Club Season 4 in RAI English is Winx Club Season 4 in RAI English, and I'm not complaining!! ^^ I put the somewhat different vocal tones of the characters down to the quality, also. lol............

So, has anyone else seen this? If so, what did you think? Was it strange to hear the Winx talking in English, as opposed to Italian?

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